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Online Quantitative Aptitude Test


You will get one minute for each question. For each right answer, you will get $4$ marks and for each wrong answer, there will be a minus mark of $1.$

Why to Practice Online Quantitative Aptitude Tests - Importance of Time

By taking these tests, students can self-evaluate how well they are prepared for a real competitive exam. Normally competitive examinations consist of multiple choice questions which need to be completed within a stipulated period of time. Some students prepare very hard for competitive examinations but give little importance for time. Time provided for competitive examinations is short and one can solve all the questions only if the questions are solved faster.

There are many methods to solve a problem. Each can lead to the right answer, but some methods are very simple and help us in solving the problem faster. Selecting the right method is therefore a factor for success. This will come only by practicing.

One must be aware of the various approaches leading to the right answer and use the right method in the exams. Winners are those who can use the simplest method for solving a question as they get time for solving all the questions.

It is also important not to spend too much time on a particular question so that all the questions can be tried. There may be simple questions at last and we should not end up in a situation where time was not sufficient to even attend such questions.

Also understand that each exam is unique. It is highly recommended to go through the previous question papers. There may be repetition from the previous question papers.

Excessive use of formulas can be counterproductive. Definitely the formulas are good as it can save time in quantitative aptitude tests. But, even if we know to solve a problem using formula, it is advisable to learn the underlying principles because if the question is twisted, students who only studied the formula by heart may go helpless and those who know the theory score better. Therefore, if you know a formula, well, apply it and solve the question faster, but give importance to the principles also in your preparation.

In this website, we have listed most of the formulas. For example, consider the following simple interest formulas.
$\text{SI}=\dfrac{\text{PRT}}{100}\\ \text{P}=\dfrac{100×\text{SI}}{\text{RT}}\\ \text{R}=\dfrac{100×\text{SI}}{\text{PT}}\\ \text{T}=\dfrac{100×\text{SI}}{\text{PR}}$

It's not needed to learn all these formulas. If you know any one, say $\text{SI}=\dfrac{\text{PRT}}{100}$, it is enough as the other three are just alternative forms of the same formula, by connecting the same terms SI, P, R and T. Many students are scared of competitive examinations. One reason is that such students try to learn each and every formula by heart and unnecessarily focusing their energy on memorizing all the formulas. We are not saying that formulas are not important. They are very important to save time in competitive examinations, especially with quantitative aptitude. But it is not required to spend time to study alternative forms of the same formula as explained.

If you are using careerbless.com for your preparation for competitive examinations, let's put this question to you, 'How many of you have really gone though Speed Maths Tutorials provided? If you are practising at the last minute, then you will not be able to go though any of such methods. But students who prepare systematically do find time for studying such methods because it gives an extra edge for them over others in terms of time.

We have added the Speed Maths tutorials(based on Vedic Mathematics and Trachtenberg System of Mathematics) in this site, for the reason that it is very useful in quantitative aptitude tests. The methods are very powerful and save time in calculations. For example, how do you calculate $97×98$ ? Try the normal method and then try using the method explained here. The latter is extremely faster if you practice enough. We hope you got the message.

Therefore, students must practice by solving competitive examinations against stipulated time. We hope this page will help students to achieve this goal, where students can attend an Online Test to assess their skill. The test will give only a limited time for answering and will auto-submit once the time is over. Try to solve all the questions within the time and assess yourself on accuracy and speed.

This online test will only give a general simulation to the real world competitive exams. For example, this online test module will give one minute per question, regardless of the quantitative aptitude topic. But, depending on your exam, the time may be different, say one exam may have $120$ questions to be solved in $80$ minutes. Students need to be aware of the exam and practice accordingly. We wish you all the best for exams.

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