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    if $32$ horses can eat $120$ kgs of grass in $12$ days, how many kg of grass can $16$ horses eat in $18$ days?
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    $20$ men can plant $50$ saplings in $8$ hours. In how many hours can $15$ men plant $80$ saplings?
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    If $12$ carpenters working $6$ hours a day can make $460$ chairs in $24$ days, how many chairs will $18$ carpenters working $8$ hours a day make in $36$ days?
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    Two cogged wheels, one having 32 cogs and the other 54 cogs, work together. If the second wheel turns 160 times in three-quarters of a minute, how often does the other wheel turn in 8 second??
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    If $46$ horses can eat $2400$ kg of grass in $25$ days then in how many days will $45$ horses can consume $1080$ kg of grass?
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