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    A boy cycles $x$ km at $8$ km/hr and $y$ km at $20$ km/hr. His total time is $3.5$ hours. The total time taken to the cycle $(2x+4)$ km at $8$ km/hr and $\dfrac{y}{3}$ km at $20$ km/hr is $5$ hours. Find $x$ and $y$
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    A police man goes after a thief  who has $100$ meters start. If the police man runs a km in $8$ min and the thief runs a km in $10$ min, how far will the thief have gone before he is overtaken?
    a) $1200$ m
    b) $1100$ m
    c) $1000$ m
    d) none
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    Amitabh covered a distance of $96$ km two hours faster than he had planned to. This he achieved by travelling $1$ km more every hour than he intended to cover every $1$ hour $15$ minutes. What was the speed at which Amitabh travelled during the journey?
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    A car covers the first $35$ km of its journey in $45$ minutes and the remaining $69$ km in $75$ minutes. What is the average speed of the car?
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    Two men starting from the same place at the same time run at speed $8$ kmph and $10.5$ kmph respectively. What time will they take to be $20$ km apart if they run in the same direction?
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    The speeds of a bicycle and a scooter are in the ratio $7:16.$ If the person riding the bicycle increases the speed by $5$ km/hr, then the new ratio becomes $1:2.$ What is the initial speed of the bicycle?
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    Anna left for city A from B at $\text{5:20}$ am. She travelled at a speed of $80$ km/hr for $2$ hour $15$ minutes. After that the speed was reduced to $60$ km/hr. If the distance between two cities is $350$ km, at what time did Anna reach city A?
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    P and Q starting simultaneously from two different places proceed towards each other at a speed of $20$ km per hour and $30$ km per hour respectively. By the time they meet each other, Q has covered $36$ km more than P. The distance between the two places is
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    The driver of an ambulance sees a school bus $40$ m ahead of him. After $20$ second, the school bus is $60$ meter behind. If the speed of the ambulance is $30$ km/h, what is the speed of the school bus?
    (a)$10$ km/h (b)$12$ km/h (c)$15$ km/h (d)$2$ km/h
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    There are two bus stops A and B. Time taken taken to travel from A to B is $3$ hours. Number of buses that should be allocated so that, in every one hour frequency there is a bus to travel on both sides
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