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    A man walks $1$ km in a day. He walks twice the distance of previous day each time. How far does he walk in a week?
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    A train covers a certain distance at a uniform speed. If the train had been $6$ kilometre per hour faster, it would have taken $4$ hour less than the scheduled time and if the train was slower by $6$ kilometre per hour it would have taken $6$ hour more than the schedule time. Find length of the journey.
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    If I set off for the market a distance of $11$ km at $10$ am and walk at an average speed of $3$ km/hr. At what time will I reach the market.
    a) $12:30$ pm
    b) $12:45$ pm
    c) $1:40$ pm
    d) $1:45$ pm
    e) $2:40$ pm
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    To reach a certain place A has to drive $10\%$ more distance than B. If B drives at the speed which is $20\%$ slower than A, determine the ratio of time taken by A to the time taken by the B to reach the destination
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    Three persons A ,B ,C run along a circular path with speeds of $6$ kmph, $4$ kmph, $8$ kmph respectively. If they start their race from the same point and at the same time and the length of circular path is $24$ km, then after what time will they meet again?
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    Two cars start from the same point at the same time. The first car travels at a constant speed of $12$ km/hr while second car travels at an initial speed of $6$ km/hr, which increases by $1$ km/hr every hour. What will be the distance travelled by the second car by the time it meets the first car
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    A train left station A for station B at a certain speed. After traveling for $100$ km, the train meets with an accident and could travel at $4/5\text{th}$ of the original speed and reaches $45$ minutes late at station B. Had the accident taken place $50$ km further on, it would have reached $30$ minutes late at station B. What is the distance between station A and station B?
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    Two trains are running on parallel rails and they travel at rate of $25$ and $30$ miles an hour. If the first train leaves an hour earlier than the second train, how much time will take for the second train to catch up with the first train?
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    Pathik and Rahi started from two places Andheri and Bhavnagar towards Bhavnagar and Andheri respectively at $8:20$ am. The speeds of Pathik and Rahi are in the ratio $4:5.$ They meet at Chandni Chowk, somewhere between Andheri and Bhavnagar, spent some time together for coffee and burger and then both started towards their destination at $9:27$ am. If Pathik reaches Bhavnagar at $10:32$ am, how much time did they spend together?
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    A man starts going for morning walk everyday. The distance walked by him on the first day was $2$ km, everyday he walks half of the distance walked on the distance walked on the previous day. What can be the maximum total distance walked by him in his lifetime?
    A. $4$ km  
    B. $2$ km
    C. $8$ km 
    D. data inadequate
    E. none
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