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    The age of a young man and his wife sum to $52$ years. In seven years time, the man will be twice as old as his wife. Find the age of the man and his wife
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    My age $3$ years hence multiplied by $3$ and from that subtracted $3$ times my age $3$ years ago will give you my exact age. What is my age?
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    The age of kiran is thrice the age of his brother the product of their age is $300$ years then the Kiran's present age is
    (A) $30$ (B) $35$ (C) $40$ (D) $10$
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    After $32$ years Raja will be $5$ times as old as he was $8$ years ago. How old is he today?
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    "In five years I will age twice what was five years ago"
    What is my current age?
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    Rango told her granddaughter, "If i don't count Fridays, my age is $72$ years." What is her actual age?
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    Sum of the ages of A and B at present is $7$ times the difference in their ages. After $5$ years, the sum of their ages will be $9$ times the difference in their ages.The present age of elder one is
    A. $30$ years
    B. $40$ years
    C. $35$ years
    D. Data insufficient
    E. None of these
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    A father's age when reversed becomes his son's age. If one year back, father's age was twice son's age, then what is the present age of father and son?
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    Eight years ago, Poorvi’s age was equal to the sum of the present ages of her one son and one daughter. Five years hence, the respective ratio between the ages of her daughter and her son that time will be $7:6.$ If Poorvi’s husband is $7$ years elder to her and his present age is three times the present age of their son, what is the present age of the daughter?
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    In a family, a couple has a son and daughter. The age of the father is three times that of his daughter and the age of the son is half of his mother. The wife is nine years younger to her husband and the brother is seven years older than his sister. what is the age of the mother?
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