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    Out of $800$ boys, $224$ play cricket, $240$ play hockey, $336$ play basketball. Out of the total, $64$ play basketball and hockey, $10$ play cricket and basketball, $40$ play cricket and hockey, and $24$ play all games. How many don't play any game?
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    In a certain code 'COMPUTER' is coded as 'LNBVQSFU'. How is 'BULKHEAD' written in that code?
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    A monkey climbing up a greased pole, ascends 5 m and slips down 2 m in alternate minutes. If the pole is 35 m  high, how many minutes will it take him to reach the top ?
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    which letter will be the sixth to the right of the eleventh from the right end of the English alphabet?
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    A tells B your and my father is same but I am not your brother. How A is related to B?
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    Two candles are of different lengths and thicknesses. The short and the long ones can burn respectively for $3.5$ hour and $5$ hours. After burning for $2$ hour, the lengths of the candles become equal in length. What fraction of the long candle’s height was the short candle initially?
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    A young girl counted in the following way on the fingers of her left hand. She started by calling the thumb 1, the index finger 2, the middle finger 3, the ring finger 4, the little finger 5, then reversed direction calling the ring finger 6, the the middle finger 7, the index finger 8, the thumb 9 then back to the index finger for 10, the middle finger for 11, and so on. She counted up to 1994. she ended counting on which finger?
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    If BUG=90 , ALMS=180 then CADET =?
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    The code for 521863

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