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    A programme starts between $5$ and $6$ hours, ends between $6$ and $7$ hours. The position of both min hand and hour hand at the time of initiation of programme are interchanged by completion of the programme. Find the duration of programme
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    Archana began her work somewhere between $3$ and $4$ pm. When she completed her work, somewhere between $5$ and $6$ pm she noted that hour and minute hand positions at beginning of her work were exactly the same for minute and hand when she finished. How long did she take?
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    A watch loses $5$ min every hour and was set right at $9$ a.m. on Monday. When will it show correct time again?
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    If a watch runs 5 minute fast per day, how many percent does it run fast?
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    it is 10 past 25 i.e. 10:25. What will be the angle between them?
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    There are two clocks. Both are twelve o'clock now. One clock will run 5 minutes faster per hour. The other clock will run 5 minutes slower per hour. When will both the clocks show the same time again?
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    Two watches are correct at 6 O'clock. One watch gains 3 mins a day and other loses 7 mins a day. After how many days will the clock show same time which is 6 O'clock?
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    The minute hand of a circular clock is 14cm long. How far does the tip of the mintute hand move in 1 hour
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    The minute hand of a circular clock is 14 cm long and that of hour hand is 7 cm. Find how far does the tip of the minute and hour hand move in 30 minutes?
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    If a clock strike 12 in 33 seconds, time taken to strike 6 at the same rate is

    A. $\frac{33}{2}$
    B. 15
    C. 12
    D. 22
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