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    What is the remainder when $13^{66}-23$ is divided by $183$ ?
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    Find $\dfrac{6^{31}-1}{5}$ mod $7$
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    Sum of 8 consecutive numbers of set A is 376. What is the sum of 5 consecutive numbers of another set if its minimum number is 15 ahead of average of Set A?
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    1) If the eight-digit number $5668x25y$ is divisible by $48,$ find the least value of $x+y$ 
    a)$10~~$ b)$9~~$ c)$8~~$ d)$7$

    2) A,B and C are digits and $\text{64A3B6C}$ is divisible by $360.$ How many values can (A,B) take? 
    a)$8~~$ b)$10~~$ c)$7~~$ d)$5~~$
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    what is the smallest five digit number which is divisible by 7 as well as 13
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    The sum of all natural numbers from 100 to 300 which are exactly divisible by 4 or 5 is 
    A. 10200
    B. 15200
    C. 16200
    D. None
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    The sum of first and second terms of a geometric progression is 12. The sum of the third and the fourth terms is 48. If the terms of the geometric progression are alternately positive and negative, then the first term is.
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    If $a^2+b^2+c^2=2a-2b-2$, then the value of $3a-2b+c$ is
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    Define a number $K$ such that it is sum of the squares of the first $M$ natural numbers (i.e., $K=1^2+2^2+3^2+\cdots+M^2$) where $M\lt 55$. How many values of M exists such that K is divisible by 4?
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    $25^{25}$ is divided by 26. The remainder is
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