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    $25\%$ of $x$ $=45\%$ of $y$. Then $x:y$ is:
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    If the volume of a sphere is increasing at a constant rate, then the rate at which its radius is increasing, is

    (A) a constant
    (B) proportional to the radius
    (C) inversely proportional to the radius
    (D) inversely proportional to the surface area
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    A box contains 3 white and 2 red balls. If we draw one ball and without replacing the first ball,the probability of drawing red ball in the second draw is (A) 8/25 (B) 2/5 (C) 3/5 (D) 21/25
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    When not moving on the sidewalk, Maya can walk the length of the sidewalk in 7 minutes. If she stands on the sidewalk as it moves, she can travel the length in 4 minutes. If Maya walks on the sidewalk as it moves, how many minutes will it take her to travel the same distance? Assume she always walks at the same speed, and express your answer as a decimal to the nearest tenth. (a) 3.6 (b) 2.5 (c) 3.8 (d) 2.8
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    When $m+n$ is divided by $12,$ it leaves the remainder $8$ and when $m-n$ is divided by $12$ it leaves the remainder $6.$ What is the remainder when m×n is divided by $6\ ?$
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    A card out of a deck of 52 cards is lost. After that two cards are taken out at random and are found to be spades. What is the probability that lost card is a spade?
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    What is the LCM of $x^3+1,~~x^2-1,~~x^3-1$
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    If we consider the permutation of 7 numbers then what is the order of 1457236?
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    if $ab+a+b=250,~~$ $ac+a+c=300,~~$ $bc+b+c=216,~~$ find the value of $a+b+c$
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    Using the digit 2, 4 and 6, two digit number is formed, each digit being used only once. Find the probability that the number so formed is greater than 46.
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