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    3 48,?,24,30,12,90

    a. 56
    b. 10
    c. 33
    d. 16
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    A man is 20 mins late to the office if he walks at 20 kmph, and 15 mins earlier if he walks at 30 kmph. How much time will he be early/late if he walks at 25 kmph?
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    If a number exceeds $25\%$ of itself by $40,$ then what is the number?
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    There are four bus routes from A to B and three bus routes between B and C. A man can travel a round trip in number of ways from A to C via B.If he doesn't want to use a bus route more than once, in how many ways he can make a round trip ?
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    Find the least five digit number which on divided by 12,18,21 and 28 leaves the same remainder?

    Ans: A)11019    B)10081   C)10059   D)10289
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    log2 = 0.3010 and log3 = 0.4771 then the value of log(9/2) = ?
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    At the start of a seminar, the ratio of the no. of male participants to the no . of female participants was 3:1. During the tea break, 16 participants left and 6 more female participants registered. The ratio of the male to female participants became 2:1. What was the total number of participants at the start of the seminar
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    A clock gains 10min in every 24hrs. It is set right on Monday at 8a.m. What will be the correct time on the following Wednesday, when the watch indicates 6p.m
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    Three dice are rolled simultaneously. What are the number of possible outcomes such that at least one shows the number3?
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    A man saves $20\%$ of his monthly salary. If on account of dearness of things, he is to increase his monthly expenses by $20\%$ and he is only able to save $\text{Rs. }200$ per month. What is his monthly salary?
    (a) $4000\ $ (b) $2000\ $ (c) $5500\ $ (d) $5000$
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