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    My age $3$ years hence multiplied by $3$ and from that subtracted $3$ times my age $3$ years ago will give you my exact age. What is my age?
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    $6,?,16,41,90,171,292$ plz solve
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    $6$ blue $7$ green and $10$ white balls are arranged in rows such that every blue ball is between and green and white ball. Moreover a white ball and a green ball must not be next to each other. Number of such arrangements is
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    A tub contains a solution with $83\%$ water and $17\%$ spirit. $10$ liters of the solution is removed and replaced with water. The proportion of spirit is now $15\dfrac{1}{9}\%.$ How much does the tub hold?
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    If I set off for the market a distance of $11$ km at $10$ am and walk at an average speed of $3$ km/hr. At what time will I reach the market.
    a) $12:30$ pm
    b) $12:45$ pm
    c) $1:40$ pm
    d) $1:45$ pm
    e) $2:40$ pm
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    find the odd man out among $3,11,21,53,67,71$
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    If $\$30,000$ to grow to $\$90,000$ over a ten years period, at what annual interest rate must it be invested, given that interest is compounded semi-annually?
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    $10$ men can reap a field in $20$ days$. 10$ men reaped the field for $10$ days and after $10$ days $10$ more men join them. When will the work be finished?
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    If height of the sphere and slant height of the cone are equal, then find the ratio of their radii, when they have equal surface areas.
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