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profileSanju Manoj
asked 2020-02-19 17:09:58 
$10$ men can reap a field in $20$ days$. 10$ men reaped the field for $10$ days and after $10$ days $10$ more men join them. When will the work be finished?
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answered 2020-02-20 07:09:19 

Soltuion 1

Assume $1$ man, in $1$ day does $1$ unit work . Then total work is $10×20=200$ units.

$10$ men, in the initial $10$ days complete $10×10=100$ units of work and remaining work is $200-100=100$ units. This work can be completed by $20$ men in $\dfrac{100}{20}=5$ days.

Therefore, work will be finised in $10+5=15$ days

Or,using equations, the above can be solved as follows.

Soltuion 2

$10×20 = 10×10+20x\\\Rightarrow x=5$

Required days $=10+5=15$

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