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profileMalliKarjuna Reddy
asked 2016-10-15 15:39:57 
How many pairs of integers are there such that twice the sum of the integers is equal to their product?
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answered 2016-10-16 06:51:39 
Ans: $4$

Let the integers be $x$ and $y$

\Rightarrow xy-2(x+y)=0~~\cdots(1)$

We know that, $(x-2)(y-2)=xy-2(x+y)+4~~\cdots(2)$

From $(1)$
\Rightarrow (x-2)(y-2)=4$

Thus, only the following are the possibilities.

\implies x=4,~y=4$

\implies x=0,~y=0$

\implies x=3,~y=6$

\implies x=1,~y=-2$

i.e., only $4$ pairs of integers satisfies the given condition. These are
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