If the ratio of the angles of a triangle are in ratio $1:2:3,$ what is the ratio of there sides?
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    Sum of the series in arithmetic progression is $72.$ The first term is $17$ and the common difference is $-2.$ Find the number of terms.
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    The sum of $3$ numbers is $132.$ If third number be one third of the first and the first number be twice the second, find the second number.
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    how many four digit numbers begin and end with an even numbers? Can we solve this problem through arithmetic progression? how?
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    How many way can you arrange the letters of the word TREES if
    (1) It must start with a consonant and end with a vowel?
    (2) R must be in the middle?
    (3) It begins with an E?
    (4) It begin with exactly one E?
    (5) consonants and vowels alternate?
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    The letters of the word MAHAVEER are rearranged to form a new word and put in a dictionary. If the dictionary had only these words and one word on every page in alphabetical order then what is the page number on which the letter MAHAVEER comes?
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    In an examination two students get $36\%$ and $39\%$ of maximum marks and fails by $30$ marks and $24$ marks respectively. Find the pass percentage?
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    If a man sells $5$ toffees for $1$ rupee, he got $20\%$ loss. When he sells $3$ toffees for $1$ rupee, then what is the percent profit he got from it?
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    A boy has $3$ library tickets and $8$ books of his interest in the library of these $8,$ he does not want to borrow maths part $2$ unless maths part $1$ is borrowed? In how many ways can he choose the three books to be borrowed?
    (a) $41$
    (b) $51$
    (c) $52$
    (d) $61$
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    A and B are two vendors selling tomatoes A man came to vendor A and purchased $1$ kg tomatoes for $\text{Rs. }25$ and now came to vendor B and asked for the price of tomatoes and vendor B replied $1.5$ kg tomatoes for $\text{Rs. }20$ sir. What is the percentage of loss incurred to the man by purchasing tomatoes from vendor A?
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