Java Overview

This tutorial is intended for the beginners to the programming language Java. This tutorial is split into multiple sessions. At the end of the tutorials, you will be having a basic understanding of Java programming.

What is Java?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages, developed by Sun Microsystems in the year 1991. It is initially named as “Oak” by James Gosling, one of the inventors of the Java programming language. In 1995, “Oak” is renamed to “Java” because the name “Oak” did not survive legal registration.

Java is a very powerful language and can meet all the requirements needed for the modern programming world. At the same time, it is very simple.

Advantages of Java

Some of the main advantages of Java are
1. It is object oriented
2. It is platform independent
3. It is secure
4. It is simple

Let’s look into each of these features into more detail in the coming chapters. Java helps to solve complex business requirements easily because it is object oriented. In the next chapter,we will be covering the basic Object Oriented Programming (OOP) principles which will be a very good foundation for you to start with Java.

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Pankaj Kumar
2015-09-02 16:46:15 
Yes java is pure ool because we can't make any program without class and object.
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yajurved lodhi
2015-07-22 10:35:22 
JAVA is not pure object oriented programming language,pure object oriented programming language supports only reference data type but JAVA also support preemptive data type that's why it is only 99.99999% object oriented .
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anjali dharmik
2015-03-30 10:37:25 
no java is not pure oops language because java does not supported multiple inheritance and operator overloading
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2015-08-16 06:22:15 

Ma'am, its not fully true that java does not support operator overloading

in case Systsem.out.println(a+"Is The fact"); '+' is used as both addition and concatenation operation which itself is a operator overloading .
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Shashikala Nagavi
2015-02-21 11:13:54 
Java is very simple and nice programing language......
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2015-01-06 10:50:08 
yep, its reusable method is too easy
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2014-11-20 08:42:35 
java is purely  oop
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2014-09-21 09:19:14 
I want c and c++ logical programming languages
(0) (0) Reply
2014-07-02 14:50:45 
does java is purely ool?
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2014-08-05 20:18:45 
yes java is purely object oriented language coz in java every function requires a class..
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