Online Calculators (step-by-step solutions)
  • Scientific Calculator
    Provides step-by-step solutions for mathematical problems.
  • Divisibility Calculator
    Determines if a number is divisible by another number using divisibility rules and displays all the steps used in the calculation.
  • Speed Maths Square Calculator
    Calculates square of a number using different speed maths methods and displays all the steps used in the calculation.
Permutations and Combinations
  • Dictionary Rank of a Word Calculator
    Calculates rank of a given word when all the letters of that word are written in all possible orders and arranged in alphabetical or dictionary order. It supports words with repeating letters and non-repeating letters.
  • Permutations Calculator
    This tool generates various questions for finding the number of arrangements using the letters of a given word under different conditions. It also provides mathematical solution for all such questions generated.
  • Permutations Generator
    This tool programmatically generates all the arrangements possible using letters of a word under various conditions.